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  • 9+ Years Of Experience With Nutrition & Training
  • ACE, ISSA Certified Trainer & Nutritionist
  • Fitness Model For Nike, Reebok, Adidas & Puma
  • Mr. India International Runner Up 2013
  • Ramp Model For Adidas, Puma, Nike & Reebok


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1.What is online personal training?


2.What are the benefits of online personal training?


3.Can I change while working a 9-5?


4.Does eating out has to be completely stopped?


5.Do i have to spend a lot of money on supplements?


6.Do I have to workout for hours every day to achieve my goals?


7.Will in have to eat non- veg foods in my diet?


8.Will I need a trainer to perform the exercises that you tell me to?


November 20, 2017

Is It the Right Time to Join an Exclusive Fitness Gym?

The biggest discussion around people is about what the youngest age to start gymming is? Honestly, exercise is a natural movement of limbs and trunk right from the first month of life. The baby in the very first year of life, develop flexibility, power, and stamina. Crawling, running, walking and cycling are sort of gymming […]

November 14, 2017

4 Massive Mistakes People Make in Muscle-Building

One immensely comes across the term ‘hypertrophy’ in many muscle related articles. It basically refers to the process of increasing the size of your muscle cell due to resistance exercises. These exercises have deep impact on stimulating your muscle cell, thereby, leading to muscle building. Studies have shown that hypertrophy is a slow process and […]

Chirag Rana Fitness is the one stop online platform for every person’s fitness solution. With an awesome team of fitness experts, we aim to guide people in their quest of getting fitter and healthier, by ushering them on to the right track. We offer customized programs to our customers based on their body composition analysis as well as their physical and medical conditions. We focus on improving the daily activities of the fitness enthusiasts while also helping them build a fit body and curbing the signs of aging. Our specially designed counseling sessions aim at teaching the members the real meaning of fitness while busting all the myths and misconceptions. We help them build their dream body and live a life they wanted to.

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