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November 14, 2017

4 Massive Mistakes People Make in Muscle-Building

One immensely comes across the term ‘hypertrophy’ in many muscle related articles. It basically refers to the process of increasing the size of your muscle cell due to resistance exercises. These exercises have deep impact on stimulating your muscle cell, thereby, leading to muscle building. Studies have shown that hypertrophy is a slow process and sometimes take months to build muscles. Therefore, one should stay consistent and not fall in the catch of these 4 muscle-building mistakes!

Mistake 1- Under Eating

The stupidest thing to do while building muscles is to eat an unbalanced diet or eat nothing due to the fear of putting on more weight. Lack of diet will put all your training in vain. According to God’s Gym Panipat, one of the best gyms in Panipat, It’s necessary to eat nutritious and healthy meals for building muscles.
Under Eating

Mistake 2- Ditching the Basic Exercises

With the aim of building muscles quickly, many trainers directly hit the machines. It is basic logic that one should always start with warm up by doing few minutes of dynamic stretching and low weight training like body weight squats and pushups that help in creating enough stress in your muscles to get ready for bigger pains.
Ditching the Basic Exercises

Mistake 3- No Break

Anything which is in excess is injurious. It is clear that you aspire to build strong muscles but don’t expect it overnight. Good training takes time and effort. Do not exaggerate your training. Remember your body needs some time-off as that’s the time when your muscles recover.
No Break

Mistake 4- Not Having a Coach

Not having a coach and doing it all your way can waste your energy and time in direction of muscle building. It is not a good situation to have trial and error method in building muscles as it will take you nowhere. Having a coach will not only push you ahead in the right direction but will also stop you from going wrong. Gold’s Gym, Panipat, offers Personal Fitness Trainer in Panipat, for better results, without any wastage of time.
Not Having a Coach


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