November 20, 2017

Is It the Right Time to Join an Exclusive Fitness Gym?

The biggest discussion around people is about what the youngest age to start gymming is? Honestly, exercise is a natural movement of limbs and trunk right from the first month of life. The baby in the very first year of life, develop flexibility, power, and stamina. Crawling, running, walking and cycling are sort of gymming […]

November 14, 2017

4 Massive Mistakes People Make in Muscle-Building

One immensely comes across the term ‘hypertrophy’ in many muscle related articles. It basically refers to the process of increasing the size of your muscle cell due to resistance exercises. These exercises have deep impact on stimulating your muscle cell, thereby, leading to muscle building. Studies have shown that hypertrophy is a slow process and […]

November 3, 2017

Must Try Winter Workouts for Women to Stay Fit and Active

The cold, dark, and all too tempting to stay in bed winter days, are the days of the year to test our commitment to exercise. However, winter also tends to drop our metabolism and core body temperature, meaning we need exercise to fight off sluggishness and extra body fat. Our Fitness expert at Chirag Rana […]

May 19, 2017

What You Eat Before And After Gym Matters

It is rightly said that “what you eat shows on your body”. Many believe that eating before working out is not healthy and can act the other way around. However, it is highly recommended to eat foods that are apt before and after a long workout session. You should know that everything under the sun can’t be consumed while you have prepared yourself to join Gym.

May 19, 2017

Is Our Kids’ Diet Making Them Sick?

I thought nothing about the blue yogurt I’d put out for breakfast for my four little kids, or the plate of scrambled eggs. Not until our youngest started to fuss. I thought she was tired, so I put her down for a nap. For some reason, which I still cannot explain, I went to check on her, and her face was swollen shut. I raced her to the emergency room.

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