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May 19, 2017

Is Our Kids’ Diet Making Them Sick?

I thought nothing about the blue yogurt I’d put out for breakfast for my four little kids, or the plate of scrambled eggs. Not until our youngest started to fuss. I thought she was tired, so I put her down for a nap. For some reason, which I still cannot explain, I went to check on her, and her face was swollen shut. I raced her to the emergency room. “This looks like an allergic reaction,” the pediatrician said. “What did you feed the kids for breakfast?” And she started rattling off data on food allergies. A life threatening allergic reaction sends someone to the emergency room in the U.S. once every three minutes. The condition now impacts 1 in 13 kids, 2 kids in every classroom My heart raced as I watched my baby struggle to breathe, and as we got her under control, I wanted to understand what was happening: why do so many American children now have food allergies? Nothing could have prepared me for what I would uncover. Before having kids, I worked in the world of finance. I’d been an equity analyst on a team that managed $20 billion in assets. I was the only woman on the team, and I covered the food industry, so I understood why the food industry had removed real ingredients from their products and replaced them with fake ones: it drove margins and profitability.


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