4 Weeks Warm Up Plan

The 4 week plan is ideal for individuals seeking an expertly crafted and personally guided exercise program which includes corrective exercise strategies, integrated strength training workout, functional activities, fresh cardio plan and nutritional diet. Your trainer will closely monitor any adaptation and refine you to accelerate your results safely and effectively. Everything including your diet and exercise plans will have to be updated at least 3-4 times a month. Once your body adapts to the current pace of things, we change the game slightly. It’s a start to your transformation journey which will/ will have:

  • Fully customized and supported workout plan for every week, designed to meet client’s needs.
  • 2 nutritional counseling sessions to make sure that you are achieving results and if there is any need to modify your diet.
  • 2 one-to-one consultation sessions through phone/whatsapp to check workout progress to guide you accordingly.
  • Detailed supplement plan and guide.
  • Allow you to workout anywhere, anytime. Although having a fitness center around is more beneficial than doing at home.
  • Read our client’s testimonials to know our success stories.

Chirag Rana Fitness is the one stop online platform for every person’s fitness solution. With an awesome team of fitness experts, we aim to guide people in their quest of getting fitter and healthier, by ushering them on to the right track. We offer customized programs to our customers based on their body composition analysis as well as their physical and medical conditions. We focus on improving the daily activities of the fitness enthusiasts while also helping them build a fit body and curbing the signs of aging. Our specially designed counseling sessions aim at teaching the members the real meaning of fitness while busting all the myths and misconceptions. We help them build their dream body and live a life they wanted to.

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