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May 19, 2017

What You Eat Before And After Gym Matters

It is rightly said that “what you eat shows on your body”. Many believe that eating before working out is not healthy and can act the other way around. However, it is highly recommended to eat foods that are apt before and after a long workout session. You should know that everything under the sun can’t be consumed while you have prepared yourself to join Gym.When you have already taken a tough call to remain fit no matter what your age is, keeping a tab on your food is quite essential part of Gym Training. Chirag Rana, one of the well-known fitness professionals think alike.
Foods that can be on your checklist before Gym and the reasons Exercising or working out without the required amount of carbohydrates in the body can cause damage to the approach unless you are following Ketogenic Diet. There has to be an apt level of Carbohydrates in the body before you head to the Gym. Hence eating light carbohydrate snack before a workout can be really beneficial. Chirag Rana also advices to all his clients to avoid simple carbs or in plain words SUGAR, as it gives immediate energy release but also can lead to sudden drop in insulin levels leaving you lethargic and lazy to even complete your workout. Although if you’re at risk of Hypoglycemia, never worry about consuming sugar if it is to avoid or treat a Hypo.

Multi-grain bread: It is known to everyone that multi-grain bread is a rich source of carbohydrates. Having a slice or two of multigrain bread provides required energy to work-out in the Gym without feeling exhausted.
Banana: A tasty fruit that is loved by everyone can be eaten or put it in the blender and make a shake out of it with some milk. You will have a nutritious drink that can help you pull off a hardcore exercise regime. Fitness guru Chirag Rana can’t do without it and recommends it to all in his training center. Oatmeal: Nothing can beat this food before going to the Gym. It is rich in fiber making the release of carbohydrate happen seamlessly for the constant energy supply while you are working out. Like the mentioned foods, you can make a list of more such foods that can keep you going without feeling famished. It is important to know that without food before work out will make you give up easily on your session. However, eating the right food in perfect quantity can keep you going. Moreover, you burn more calories while you work out


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